Where to find us

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Contact information

Kajskjul 8
Packhusplatsen 11
SE-411 13 Gothenburg (Göteborg)

Phone office: +46 (0)31-10 75 50
Fax: +46 (0)31-10 75 51
E-mail: info@kajskjul8.se



Angelica Larson
Phone: +46 (0) 031-1 075 50
E-mail: bokning@kajskjul8.se

Bookings & Sales

Pernilla Kinngard
Phone: +46 (0)31-380 35 81
E-mail: Pernilla.kinngard@kajskjul8.se

Event Manager

Erik Centerwall
Phone: +46 (0)31-10 75 59
E-mail: erik.centerwall@kajskjul8.se

Restaurant Manager

Phone: +46 (0)31-10 75 51
E-mail: george.giannakenas@kajskjul8.se

Operative Manager

Jessica Hansson
Phone: +46 (0)31-10 75 57
E-mail: jessica.hansson@kajskjul8.se

Marketing Director & PR

Marie Tjäder
Phone: +46 (0)31-10 75 58
E-mail: marie.tjader@kajskjul8.se

Entertainment & CEO

Ulrika Kvarnhult
Phone: +46 (0)31-10 75 55
E-mail: ulrika.kvarnhult@kajskjul8.se

Executive Chef

Fredrik Wall
Phone: +46 (0)31-10 75 54
E-mail: fredrik.wall@kajskjul8.se

Sous Chef

Johnny Persson
Cell: +46 (0)31-10 75 53
E-mail: johnny.persson@kajskjul8.se

Accounting Manager

Janne Franzén
Phone: +46 (0)31-10 75 50
E-mail: ekonomi@kajskjul8.se



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A little travel guide

By Car

Parking is available nearby Kajskjul 8. There are lots to choose from, either alongside Packhuskajen or opposite the old Customs House (Tullhuset), across the road from the Court of Appeal (Hovrätten). There is also parking available next to the Gothenburg Opera House (GöteborgsOperan) and at Lilla Bommen.

By tram or bus

Take the tram or the bus to Lilla Bommen or to Brunnsparken. Then it's a short walk down to the Gothenburg Opera House by the water, where you then take your left along the quayside, towards Kajskjul 8. You can also travel by bus or tram to Stenpiren, where it’s only a short walk (direction Opera House) along the quayside. You can easily plan your trip with Västtrafik Trip Planner here.

With your own bus

If you are going with your own bus it’s possible to park just around the corner from Kajskjul 8.

With your own boat

Park your boat at the Lilla Bommen marina where it's only a short walk to Kajskjul 8. Once parked, just follow the quays in front of the Gothenburg Opera House and you will find us approximately 500 meters further down the quays. Find more information about the marina here.

By ferry

Älvsnabben stops at Lilla Bommen and Stenpiren nearby Kajskjul 8. From Lilla Bommen, just follow the quays in front of the Gothenburg Opera House and you will find us approximately 500 meters further down the quays. From Stenpiren, just follow the quays, direction Opera House, and you will find us approximately 400 meters down the quays. You can find the timetable here.

By taxi

We advise you to exit the taxi just outside to the Gothenburg Opera House. Then it’s just a short walk along the quayside. It’s a very nice stroll that we strongly recommend to our visitors.

Need taxi home?

The nearest taxi stations are located at the Central Station and Brunnsparken. But in the evenings you can easily catch a taxi just outside Kajskjul 8.