A vibrant shed
in the heart of the city

With robust character, huge capacity and perfect location on the quayside, Kajskjul 8 was originally a warehouse. That was about 150 years ago. Nowadays it’s filled with excited guests full of expectations. Welcome in, let the show begin!

Endless possibilities

Kajskjul 8 is a perfect venue for dinner shows, cabarets, festivals, fairs and events. Here the possibilities are endless. During summer you can enjoy a wonderful outdoor dining experience along the quayside with a stunning panoramic view of the harbour.

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We strive for sustainability

Kajskjul 8 has a strong environmental awareness. We sort our waste into recycling and strive not to throw out any food, packaging materials or any other equipment unnecessarily. Menus are composed with seasonal ingredients and we try our best to always co-load the deliveries to our premises. Our suppliers are located close by and naturally we select them with care.

Gothenburg is a tasteful destination

Kajskjul 8 is a member of the Gothenburg Restaurant Association, "Taste of Gothenburg". It was founded in 1999 as a collaboration between Göteborg & Co (an organisation which markets and takes part in developing Gothenburg as a tourist, conference and event destination) and selected restaurants in Gothenburg, aiming to strengthen and profile Gothenburg as a culinary destination. The association is a cooperation between 45 restaurants, among which you’ll find a great variety, ranging from first class gourmet restaurants to trendy newcomers and street food.

The Gothenburg Restaurant Association has a mission to strengthen the relationship with local producers and suppliers as well as working together to ensure a high level of quality ingredients. A precondition to be a part of the Gothenburg Restaurant Association is to be a member of the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association and also to have a public restaurant located in the Gothenburg region.

One shed with many faces

Kajskjul 8 was built on the quays along the railroad tracks around 1870. Originally used as a warehouse, the shed was then filled with all kinds of products, such as spices imported from the Orient as well as lumber from the forests of Värmland (region north of Gothenburg), which would then be transported down to southern Europe and other places.

During 1994 the shed was restored and the building raised by 80 cm. Just before for the Athletic World Championships in 1995, Kajskjul 8 was opened as a seafood restaurant. After a very successful start, the dinner shows began to fill the place with excited guests full of expectations.

Photographer Otto Thulin (1946-2009) – www.stadsmuseum.goteborg.se

Throughout the years Kajskjul 8 has gone from being a robust restaurant without tablecloths, where the guests served themselves, to being a renowned restaurant with high class and a great reputation. Much has changed and been refined over time, but one thing is certain - the atmosphere will always stay the same.